About Us

Hi, I’m Kimberly Henkaline, welcome to TLC Personal Flight Companion. TLC was started as a result of hearing one too many stories about someone who wanted to travel, but needed assistance and didn’t know where to find it. Well, look no further!

TLC Personal Flight Companion and Owner, Kimberly HenkalineWe are seasoned air travelers and caring companions who thrive on making your trip possible and enjoyable! Your ability to travel confidently and safely when family or friends are not available is very important to us. Instead of staying home or attempting to fly alone, Call TLC! We’ll be like your surrogate family member. We’ll take care of everything so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the adventure!

If you like to chat when flying, we can converse on a variety of topics, from gardening to space travel, from flying remote controlled airplanes to current world events! If you prefer to sleep on the plane, no problem, your TLC Personal Flight Companion will bring plenty to keep them occupied while you snooze away. When accompanying a child, in addition to their own electronic wonders, we bring good, old fashioned games and books that are actually fun, challenging and encourage real one on one conversation!

Whether you’re flying one way or round trip, vacationing in Ireland for a week, visiting family, or simply need help getting to camp and back, we look forward to meeting you and sharing in your exciting journey!

TLC Personal Flight Companion


CPR Certified

Alzheimer/Dementia Care Certified

Trained in Elder Care and Travel Anxiety

Personable, Attentive

Genuinely Enjoy Helping Others

Experienced Travelers